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As such, if you’re trying to impress any woman in Poland, avoid bragging or showing off. The average Polish woman is quite adept at handling household tasks. From whipping up delicious meals to keeping the house in order, women in Poland definitely know how to keep the household running.

Although Polish girls seem western in a lot of ways, they never forget their roots. They are more reserved, friendlier, and polite than most ladies from the west. More importantly, they have high regard for their customs and tradition which shuns immorality in every way. Abortion in Poland is now illegal except in cases of rape and when the woman’s life or any form of health is in jeopardy.

Poland’s government should ensure reproductive rights are upheld in accordance with international law. Moves to further curb access to safe abortion are retrogressive and incompatible with the government’s obligations under international law and put the lives and health of women and girls at risk. They said that this is another part of broader strategy to undermine women’s rights and women’s rights defenders. This has long been the case in Poland, and activists interviewed said such public campaigns have increased since the Constitutional Tribunal ruling. Activists contrasted this with strong police response against women’s rights defenders in other cases, including during peaceful protests. On International Women’s Day, police pepper sprayed, detained, frisked, and “kettled” protesters for hours.

  • She won a number of important compositional awards, received numerous commissions and was featured in countless concerts and festivals.
  • Human Rights Watch, IPPF-EN, and CIVICUS collected information from organizations and activists affected by bomb and death threats since the October 2020 Constitutional Tribunal Ruling.
  • There is no better way to do that than embracing the city’s nightlife.
  • Just like we have mentioned earlier, Poland is like a borderline between Eastern Europe and the west.
  • In fact, tons of tourists and foreigners often troop to Poland to get the best Amber pieces for their partners and loved ones.

At this point, you’ve probably already gotten the memo that Polish brides are the perfect choice for any bachelor who’s looking to settle down. However, one important fact we haven’t mentioned yet is that they also have strong maternal instincts. Thus, if you’re looking for a partner with whom you can put up your feet and have a conversation about work, you should definitely get a Polish girlfriend.

Her main area of professional interest is international dating. Laurel’s expertise in cultures of different countries, gender psychology, and matchmaking allows her to create professional guides to dating girls of different nationalities and independent reviews of dating sites. Furthermore, abortion rights activists have increasingly confronted the Catholic Church. In recent years, they have protested in front of churches, disrupted religious services and graffitied churches. Further, more than 1,000 Polish women have sent applications to challenge the 2020 abortion law in front of the European Court of Human Rights.

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Discovering Options to Polish Women

“The story is literally heartbreaking,” she says, fighting tears. “There was a mother with two girls, 10 and 12 years old. And they were raped Ukraine, all of them. Russian soldiers. They got into a car in Poland and the driver tried to do the same thing.” She recalled an instance early in the war, when she was working the night shift at the Lublin bus station, passing out leaflets with tips on how to protect yourself from trafficking.

  • She has delivered a carload of supplies — “22 helmets, seven or eight vests and 5,000 tampons,” she says — to western Ukraine, for female soldiers.
  • However, Polish women with a traditional upbringing will expect you to get the bills.
  • They should work with those targeted to put in place security measures to ensure women’s rights defenders can continue their work without fear of violence or reprisals.

Only one person who had reported threats had been told by the police after she inquired that they sent the file to the prosecutor, but she received no information about whether the prosecutor would pursue the investigation. Polish women are often compared to Slavic and European ladies, but the truth is that women in Poland are a wonderful mix of both! Like European women, Polish girls are ambitious and demand respectful treatment, and like Slavic ladies, Polish women are very family-oriented and can put other aspects of their lives on the backburner when they finally get their dream family. On one hand, it means that you can meet not only local Krakow girls, but also female tourists from other Polish regions. On the other hand, it means that ladies in Krakow have plenty of experience with foreigners and are interested in meeting them. Try the Cyrano de Bergerac, Amaryllis, and Padre restaurants, Buddha Cocktail Bar, Propaganda Pub, and Mercy Brown Bar, or the Shine, Hush, and Gold nightclubs after dark.


She has delivered a carload of supplies — “22 helmets, seven or eight vests and 5,000 tampons,” she says — to western Ukraine, for female soldiers. Weeks after arriving in Poland, Nadia has restarted her clothes-design business with a Polish partner scouted by Jarmulska. Her kids are in school, and her 16-year-old son has a part-time job doing landscaping and gardening around town.

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Discovering Options to Polish Women

Most of the 5 million Ukrainians who have fled the Russian invasion are women and children. Human rights monitors say they are vulnerable to sex and labor traffickers.

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At least seven groups, including Feminoteka, FEDERA, Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, Women’s Rights Centre, and Women’s Strike, reported bomb threats to police between March 8 and March 23, in some cases multiple times. Members of least four groups filed official criminal complaints with police about bomb or other death threats received since March 4. Even when abortion is legal, multiple barriers limit access, including widespread invocation ofconscientious objection, which permits medical providers to refuse care based on personal or religious belief. Laws restricting or criminalizing abortion do not completely eliminate it, but drive women and girls to seek abortion through means that may put their lives and health at risk. European Commission officials should press Polish authorities to investigate threats and hold those responsible to account, and guarantee the right to peaceful protest without fear of reprisals or violence. The European Commission should also press Polish government officials to refrain from using hostile rhetoric against women’s rights activists and other critics of government policies. Though there is an exception in cases where the patient’s life is at risk, a doctor may spend up to three years in prison if a prosecutor decides that a doctor performed an abortion too early or without justification.

Since a 2020 Constitutional Tribunal ruling, Polish doctors can only perform abortions in cases of rape, incest or if the patient’s health is endangered. Though Ms. Wydrzynska works openly out of a headquarters in central Warsaw, the activists must carefully skirt around Poland’s anti-abortion law. The Polish Health Ministry responded to Ms. Sajbor’s death by issuing new guidelines reminding doctors that “they should not be afraid to take obvious decisions” if there were a threat to the woman’s life.